Chiropractic Care

and Types of Therapy


We are well versed in a variety of soft tissue and manual therapy techniques.

Manual therapy
Some patients respond well to different types of muscle massage and can be very beneficial in conjunction with other types of treatment.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy

Manipulative therapy
Many patients respond well to manipulation, but for some it is not beneficial and perhaps even contraindicated. At the time of your examination, the option of this treatment will be determined.

Chiropractic stretches.

Exercise and stretches - very different from other Chiropractors & Physical Therapy
The patient may be given instructions in self management of exercises that may vary greatly from other exercises patients have attempted elsewhere. Patients often respond well to certain exercises when other exercises have failed.

Medicine ball workout exercise.
photo 3.JPG
Vibration plate exercise.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia
For extreme cases, Dr. Miller can perform manipulative therapy (adjustments) and stretches while the patient is sedated in the operating room. This procedure is performed by Dr. Miller while the patient is under the care of the anesthetist and nursing staff. The results are amazing.

Manipulation under anesthesia.


Adjustments and Manipulations

Manual and machine assisted adjustments help reduce pain naturally without the need for harmful and habit-forming pain medications.

Chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic adjustment.






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