Walking: How to Improve Your Health

What exercise doesn’t require a gym membership, an initiation fee, an age requirement, a doctor’s approval, or special clothing? What exercise boils down to the ability to put one foot in front of the other? You guessed it; walking. I was shocked and proud of a patient of mine who showed me his pedometer watch today. It was only 6:00pm and he had already walked 13759 steps (6.89 miles).


There are countless proven health benefits associated with walking regularly. Those who make walking a part of their normal routine prevent cardiovascular disease, uphold weight lost after dieting, and lower blood pressure. Not to mention it promotes the opportunity to breathe some fresh air while burning calories. It’s safe for just about any age and any fitness level. It’s especially recommended for those who find running too extreme or painful. If combined with a low calorie diet, walking can stimulate weight loss depending on the intensity.