Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

foam rolling 2

Top Five Benefits

1.       Improved Movement and Flexibility

Performing form rolling exercises before a workout can contribute to better flexibility and range of motion. This is significant because muscles are less likely to be damaged or pulled when foam rolling exercises are a part of the warm up routine.

2.       Injury Prevention

The second benefit is related to the first. Foam rolling performed with stretching can prevent several common injuries. Improper movements that cause injuries are less likely to happen.

3.       Improved Circulation and Blood Flow

Rolling stretches and loosens muscles where blood flow may be somewhat blocked. Better circulation is fundamental to general health and wellbeing because blood carries oxygen through the body.

foam rolling

4.       Reduced Soreness and Recovery Time

Recovery time can be considerably reduced by foam rolling before an intense workout. This applies not only for fitness junkies, but for desk workers as well. If your job entails sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, you are well aware of the soreness at the end of a long work day.

5.       Reduced Stress

Research has shown a correlation with foam rolling and cortisol (stress hormone) reduction.