Batch Cooking Basics


Sticking to a healthy weight loss routine is never easy. A career, family, and other obligations make it tough to prepare natural, nutrient rich meals with fresh ingredients everyday. The trick is to never cook just one meal. The trend of batch cooking or batch prepping has caught on in recent years for good reason. Cooking several healthy meals at once and storing the leftovers make diet adherence much more convenient. Finding the time to cook every single day in today’s world is unlikely, but once or twice a week is more than doable. Choose one day on the weekend and one night during the week after work instead of watching TV. Using this method makes most the week full of easy grab and go meals that can be mixed and matched.

Below are a few batch cooking ideas that can make healthy living and weight loss easier.

1.       Cook several pounds of meat at once. Crock pots or just broiling can be really helpful tools.

2.       Stir fry a bunch of your favorite vegetables together.

3.       While everything is else is cooking, turn on a rice maker and make a lot of rice, roast a bag of potatoes or sweet potatoes, and/or hard boil a carton of eggs.

Basically cook what you cook normally, but just cook more of it. Tinker with the seasoning to switch up the meals each day. Also keep in mind most foods freeze and later defrost really well.