Benefits of Tart Cherry

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Benefits of Tart Cherry

1.       Mitigate Effects of Gout – It can possibly fight inflammation and reduce blood levels of uric acid, which can produce gout.

2.       Improves Sleep – Tart cherries are full of melatonin, which can help improve your improve the quality of sleep as well as the amount of the sleep you get each night.

3.       Boosts the Immune System – Antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds are plentiful in tart cherries.

4.       Eases Recovery from Workouts – Tart Cherry is very high in potassium, which can help maintain blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle recovery.

5.       Regulates Metabolism – More research is needed, but some studies indicate that supplementing with tart cherry can promote weight loss and act against the development of obesity.

Please note: If you drink tart cherry juice, it’s important to look for juices that are 100% cherry juice without added sugars or other sweeteners. In our office we promote and carry Carlson’s Tart Cherry supplements. I prefer the capsule form for convenience and cost savings versus juice.