Get Rid of "Text Neck"


If you use a smartphone or a tablet, there's a good chance you've experienced neck pain associated with prolonged use. It makes sense when the average human head weighs about twelve pounds and tilting your head forward adds even more pounds of stress on your neck. The pain is annoying and muscle strain is uncomfortable, but perhaps the worst side effect is potentially changing the neck's natural curve over a period of time. Below are my 5 easy tips for avoiding "text neck."

1. Raise your devices to eye level, so your head doesn't tilt down.

2. Sit up straight with proper posture and avoid hunching shoulders.

3. Take breaks and stretch.

4. Exercise often for good spine health.

5. Of course don't text and drive because "text neck" pain will be the least of your problems.

5 and 1/2   Also check out my video below about the text neck exercises, adjustments, and traction available at our clinic.

The problem is most prevalent with children. If you click here to read my Instagram post from last week, you'll also see a video of my son Grant getting an adjustment after feeling pain from an hour of ipad use. At this point I couldn't imagine life without my smartphone. Heck sometimes I write this blog on my smartphone. Nevertheless "text neck" is so common that the easy treatment steps listed above should be discussed more (unless everyone inexplicably decides to go back to the dark ages of using pagers or flip phones).