Get Rid of "Text Neck"


If you use a smartphone or a tablet, there's a good chance you've experienced neck pain associated with prolonged use. It makes sense when the average human head weighs about twelve pounds and tilting your head forward adds even more pounds of stress on your neck. The pain is annoying and muscle strain is uncomfortable, but perhaps the worst side effect is potentially changing the neck's natural curve over a period of time. Below are my 5 easy tips for avoiding "text neck."

1. Raise your devices to eye level, so your head doesn't tilt down.

2. Sit up straight with proper posture and avoid hunching shoulders.

3. Take breaks and stretch.

4. Exercise often for good spine health.

5. Of course don't text and drive because "text neck" pain will be the least of your problems.

5 and 1/2   Also check out my video below about the text neck exercises, adjustments, and traction available at our clinic.

The problem is most prevalent with children. If you click here to read my Instagram post from last week, you'll also see a video of my son Grant getting an adjustment after feeling pain from an hour of ipad use. At this point I couldn't imagine life without my smartphone. Heck sometimes I write this blog on my smartphone. Nevertheless "text neck" is so common that the easy treatment steps listed above should be discussed more (unless everyone inexplicably decides to go back to the dark ages of using pagers or flip phones).




Low Carb High Protein Breakfasts

We’ve all probably heard how “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Breakfast is certainly important, but specifically a high protein breakfast is very significant. A healthy high protein meal is the best way to start your day because it increases a chemical in the brain that affects food reward. It influences the neurotransmitters that control hunger, brain function, and overall energy levels. Just consuming twenty to thirty-five grams of protein in the morning is the key to feeling satiated and stop cravings for junk food throughout the day. Protein causes a very gradual and sustained rise in blood sugar, unlike a high spike like you would get from a processed high carbohydrate Westernized breakfast foods like Pop Tarts, waffles, and sugary cereals. This gradual rise is what you want to have each day because it will produce a consistent nutrient supply to your brain and muscles.

A healthy high protein breakfast can be made at home quickly and effortlessly. Eggs, turkey bacon, mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, and guacamole are some of my preferred choices. I tend to hard-boil eggs while cooking chicken breasts after work to save time in the morning. Don’t be afraid of having some fat with your protein. Fat will keep you full and not be responsible for making you fat like the processed grains in breakfast breads muffins. If you don’t want to eat an animal protein, you can have a whey protein shake with peanut butter. There are multiple flavors and you can add various nuts, almond butter, or sunflower butter to improve the consistency. As always, check out all of our low-carb, high protein, and healthy fat options. So here you have it, another reason not to skip breakfast. 

Election 2016: Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Nutrition

Why is it when we’re sad or stressed we tend to reach for cookies or a pint of ice-cream instead of tofu or a bowl of kale? Consuming sugar and fat feel like they provide emotional support because high sugar, high carb foods release a blast of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is the “feel good” neurotransmitter. This triggers a response in the brain similar to taking an opiate. Even though this might temporarily improve your mood in the short term, the long term consequences include weight gain, energy crashes, candida overgrowth, and lower serotonin levels.

So the question is “how can I improve my mood without a quick rush of sugar and fat?” The answer is very simple: consume Vitamin B12 and Omega-3 fats. B12 plays an important role in energy production and hormones affecting your mood. The easiest solution is supplementing with a B12 or B-complex vitamin. I often take a sublingual B12 supplement to feel the positive effects quickly. B12 is also readily available in food like grass fed beef, eggs, salmon, and raw dairy. It’s highly recommended for vegans and vegetarians to supplement with B12 as their diets alone will not provide enough.

Omega 3 fats reduce inflammation and improve overall brain function. Study after study prove that it has a positive effect on reducing depression. The easiest way to get more omega 3 fats into your system is taking a fish oil supplement. I recommend carefully reading the label and choosing a brand like Carlson’s or Green’s First for the most positive results. Costco and Walmart budget brands are known to include several fillers and additives with little to no nutritional benefit. I also recommend at least once a week consuming oily wild-caught (not farm raised) fish.