A Safe and Simple Detox Cleanse (without Starvation)

     Detoxification is something that the body does naturally and the majority of detoxification takes place in the liver. Due to the standard American diet and the proliferation of certain chemicals and pesticides, many people benefit from a cleanse program that gently and slowly supports the process of metabolic detoxification. The problem is a majority of the programs  are either scams, not based on clinical science, dangerous, or all of the above. Some illegitimate programs claim the healthy way to detox is fasting from all food while drinking nothing but lemon water, cayenne, and maple syrup. Not only are those kind of extremely restrictive diets unhealthy, they are especially unsafe for those suffering with diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease. Furthermore they upset the sodium, blood sugar, and potassium levels in the body.

     The cleanse that I promote in my office is one of the few great detox programs that allows you to eat food while you detox and is one hundred percent safe. It’s called The PaleoCleanse Plus. It includes a powder taken twice daily made up of the precise combination of nutrients, fiber, antioxidants, herbs, and extracts that support the detox process. The PaleoCleanse isn’t specifically designed for weight loss, but it can often occur. The fourteen day cleanse requires the elimination of sugar, gluten containing grains, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol from the diet. Patients will also be replacing some meals with the PaleoCleanse shakes, so this lower caloric intake is likely to result in weight loss for many. Each cleanse comes with a food schedule and healthy snack and meal options, so there’s no guesswork involved when it comes to eating. I walk my patients through this process step by step during their consultations.

detoxification cleanse

     The one downside is some patients experience headaches during the first few days of the cleanse, which is due to caffeine and/or sugar withdrawal. The powder is intended to give the body everything it needs to get through this initial discomfort as quickly and painlessly as possible. I advocate my patients with a sweet tooth or a coffee habit to try to cut down on sugar and caffeine consumption for a few days prior to starting the cleanse. As always I will also offer nutritional and lifestyle guidance that will keep the patient’s toxic burden low and make sure their body’s detoxification mechanisms work well for the long haul.