Dr. Miller may recommend a nutritional consultation and the use of vitamins, minerals, herbal therapies and dietary modifications as a valuable part of your treatment plan. These will aid the body in a variety of ways. We carry a variety of supplements that have been shown to be clinically effective for a variety of conditions. Some of the products that we have used through the years include Greens First, Carlson's, Metagenics, DC Labs, Premier Research Labs, and more. These companies have been carefully chosen because they provide the 100% pure supplements without any unhealthy additives.

Nutrition consultation with patient.

Unlike other places that hawk, sell, promote, expensive multilevel marketing schemes that promise rapid weight loss, our approach is whole foods based.

Dr. Miller will sit down with you, one on one, and discuss which foods should be consumed, avoided based on your health needs. Supplementation.

Add the healthy whole foods first, remove the processed high inflammatory foods second, and add the correct supplementation last. Some of the cases we’ve had success with include, leaky gut, joint pain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes related symptoms.

In addition to attending hours and hours of seminars, Dr. Miller also has a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and has written many case studies covering many of the common conditions that plague our lives.

This video explains how much protein you need daily and where to get it - both healthy food sources and healthy supplements. My office offers protein shakes in the form of whey, almond, and rice, as well as several different protein bars.
I was just about to sit down and eat at the end of the workday when one of my employees suggested "that should be one of your youtube videos." This video shows an example of how to eat healthy foods that are quick and convenient to prepare.
In this video I discuss why the sweet potato may be one of the world's most perfect foods. It provides many healthy nutritional benefits, which I discuss in detail. Not to mention it's inexpensive, easy to prepare, and has a long shelf life.

In this video I describe the warning signs for zinc deficiency, zinc testing, and benefits of adequate zinc intake.

Fiber: How much does your body need per day? What are the health benefits? Are you getting enough fiber from food? Should you take supplements? Find out in this video. 

In this video I talk about the supplements that I take each and every day to optimize my health. There are so many that this video is just part 1 of what will probably be a 3 part series.

n this video I explain the difference between "good fats" and "bad fats." I also describe why some "fat free" foods aren't good for weight loss.