In this video I talk about my kettlebell swing technique that I use regularly in my workouts. I also discuss the unique benefits of kettlebell exercise.

I wanted to make an update to my kettlebell swing video from a year ago. This can be a beneficial exercise in the rehabilitation setting with a light weight if you follow the correct posture and form.

This inversion table gives me instant relief from back pain. I use it to decompress as often as I can. In this video I describe how it works and how it feels.

 I demonstrate an easy test to gauge your core strength.

Kinesio tape

We are trained to utilize Kinesio tape to help weak and/or injured muscles. 

Nothing eases tightness like inversion table therapy.

Nothing eases tightness like inversion table therapy.

Swiss ball exercise to strengthen the core.

Swiss ball exercise to strengthen the core.

Kettlebell swing for core strength.

Kettle bell swing for core strength and stability


Woodward Treadmill running
Part of our rehabilitation program is utilizing the patented Woodway Treadmill® for gait analysis and assessment.


Resistance band exercise for rotator cuff

Rotator Cuff strengthening with resistance bands.


Traction chair

This is how faulty posture and biomechanics get corrected - with the Regainer Traction Chair®.


X-Stretch Machine

Tight hamstrings, glutes, and lower cross syndrome gets corrected with the X-Stretch Machine®


Balance Bosu Ball

Balance with the Bosu Ball®


Children exercising with physical therapy.

We love our families. We cater to children and adults.


Electric stimulation, heat therapy, and traction

Electric stimulation, heat, and intersegmental traction tables for muscle spasms


X-Ray room

We review all diagnostic images one on one in our office with our patients.

Vibration Plate Exercise

This Full Body Vibration Platform increases muscle strength, improves circulation, increases bone density and combats cellulite.